Who We Are

We're an award winning, marketplace-ranked top public relations firm, founded by two industry veterans with sixteen years of partnered experience, Pam Abrahamsson and Traci Dakins

Based in the Pacific Northwest, we operate as a virtual agency, meaning we work with the best talent regardless of location, and with the top journalists and influencers critical to your market success.  Our team has worked with leading technology and financial services enterprises, including Western Union, Oracle, IBM/Palisades Technology Partners, SAP and more.

Our founders have been featured in Forbes, and other leading publications, and we mentor, and serve as speakers, to the emerging entrepreneur community.  

Our Mission

To ensure our clients earn success through smart, effective communications across social, digital and traditional channels.  We deliver on this mission through our strategic leadership, laser-focus on the client's business needs, and the building and management of smart, cost-&-results-effective, creative programs.