Advertising Age Double Win: PR How-to's

Advertising Age Case Study Campaign

Anatomy of a Top Media Outlet Case Study

If you're a subscriber to Advertising Age, then you may have opened up your November 9th print publication and read this great case study look at connecting through consumer culture, values, and The American Dream.  If you checked your digital subscription, you may have seen a specially-prepared insert with this same, high-value how-to case study.

The Power of Earned Media/PR

An expensive ad campaign?  No.  It's the power of public relations in action.  Our client first implemented this strategic campaign, which thoughtfully connected the values and aspirations of its customers.

Then, they turned to our team to help share the word on the work they were doing, and the success they were having in connecting with their community.

Which we did.  This case study details a well-thought out campaign, and it is proof-positive of the value of earned media, otherwise known as public relations.

The lessons learned from the case study are valuable, indeed.  If your company is seeking to earn coverage like this for your solution, campaign or enterprise, keep these critical how-to's in mind:

Three Key Tips:

1.  Know the News Value:  Advertising Age was interested in this story because it conveyed powerful lessons about listening to your customer, understanding their values and priorities, and then connecting through those values.  Understanding, and sharing, the news value of your story is at the heart of any successful earned media initiative.

2. Talk to the Right Person:  If you need a new car, you don't call your local bakery.  Neither do you reach out to a journalist who does not cover your story topic.  Our client knew they had created something powerful in connecting their brand to their community. So we reached out to the journalists who cover the power of brand and advertising to share this success story.

It takes more than a Rolodex:  On a related note, this underscores the importance ofunderstanding the media, over having connections.  Don't get us wrong, it's great to have relationships with journalists, but the ability to find and present a story to the right journalist, not just the ones you know, makes the difference between a good conversation, and a conversation that results in valuable news coverage.

3.  Be Prepared.  A top-notch journalist's tool of the trade is information.  So be prepared with the raw material he or she will need to write a story.  Our team, along with our rock star client, were standing by with metrics, comprehensive campaign details, first-hand customer insight, graphics and more.  Journalists have a million things to do, and no time to do it.  If you become their partner in success by having your story, and supporting materials, ready to go - your chances of securing globally-important media coverage becomes that much better.

Do you have a success story to share about your company, solution or community, but don't know how to get high-value media coverage?  We're happy to share our recommendations. 

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