It’s (Not) About You: Ten Tools for Media Mastery

Don't cry over your lack of good PR, get to work and master some earned media skills

You’ve tried everything to get digital media coverage.  You really worked to get important journalist from that top media outlet interested in your company news.  You’ve called. You’ve emailed.  Maybe even a little Twitter stalking went on.  Yet, no public relations-meets-media-coverage success has happened.

Don’t let your colleagues’ well-meaning sympathy steer your wrong.  It’s definitely you.  But it's not your fault.  Today's world of earned media coverage is a fickle and fast-moving place.

So don't give up,. and don't weep either.  Just read through these tips, help yourself to our free "Ten Tools for Media Mastery" download, and get to work on your earned media coverage success.

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