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I’m sharing this post from my LinkedIn community, as I realized that building passion is as essential for enterprise brand and market success as it is for the individual. Brands and people are very much alike; both will attract communities, success and reputation by what they choose to share with the world. That’s why enthusiasm should be partnered with thoughtfulness - you need both in equal measures to develop either brand or life passion that is purposeful, sustainable and truly reflective of your values. Therein lies the path to success.

I just read a really interesting story about life career and purpose. The author's central argument is a compelling one:

You don't FIND your passion, you develop it.

BAM. Yes. Sitting and waiting for that overwhelming swoon moment to hit you out of nowhere is akin to that greeting card joke showing a women skeleton, all dressed up, sitting at a bus stop, waiting for the perfect man. 

I know I came to my work, which I love; using public relations to drive social impact and thought leadership; not because I showed up in kindergarten and knew I wanted to do this (heck, I wouldn't have known a thought leader from a clay stick figure back then).

But because, through education, experimenting and trying different career paths, I discovered something that I loved, something that gave me satisfaction and challenge.

It took some experimenting, and I did everything from fashion show coordination to technology sales before I landed in my profession I love, but each stop in my career path gave me valuable clues about what I wanted, and just as importantly, didn't want, to do.

This is NOT to say that some days aren't tough, some clients aren't difficult, and that I just don't plain have an epic fail from time to time: journalist didn't show up for CEO interview? Oyyyyy.

But I do know that the hard work of investing in my career, staying committed to something that I found both worthwhile and rewarding, has indeed revealed itself as my passion.

So, let's hear it for purpose and passion, and the hard work, introspection, and possibly curving road it requires to get you there.

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