The Halo Effect: Is Your Company Earning its Wings?


I have to tell you about an interesting business proposal we received last week.  Interesting not for the complexity of the project, but fascinating in terms of the proposed terms.  Fascinating, yet not unique, which leads me to this conversation.

Intrigued?  Hmmm...yes.

SEO & Public Relations: The Optimized, Optimal Content Partnership

There's a powerful partnership driving the media world today: the deepening integration of search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations.  This partnership is powered in equal measures by Google's changing viewpoint on earned media (PR) content, and marketeer's ongoing understanding that native advertising is only part of the game.

This partnership of credible media coverage and digital traction is the rich material that brand awareness, market reach and web presence is made of for enterprises and the agencies guiding them.

Google:  A Slate of Updates

Over the past year or so, Google has released more than 15 updates that have made Google’s preference for credible editorial clear. Some of the most significant changes, from this earned media person’s humble point of view, include:

  • News release content is now indexed in search
  • Social commentary (posts, Tweets and related) are now found in search
  • “Spammy" content, which includes keyword stuffing, is penalized in search
  • Web sites and blogs can be penalized in search rankings if too much advertising is present 

Taken together, this is a remarkable migration away from mechanical treatment of SEO content, and a positive move towards the ranking of natural, credible, content results.  For mobile-friendly communities, this is an equally powerful move, making previously-siloed content easily searchable across the web.  

Public relations has emerged as search engine optimization’s strongest tool, and a must-have partner for any digital content or social strategy

 The Take-Away?  Genuine, Credible, Earned Content is Carrying the Day

The ranking of social content in search further ensures communications are coming out of the "social only," "digital only" and "PR only" silos and merging into an integrated, 360-degree communications model.  While the consumer community struggles to understand native advertising and promoted content’s role in the web world, (suggested read on this topic:  Native Advertising Survey:  Very Few Know of Native Advertising Concept), media-driven coverage, in tandem with content marketing,  has emerged as a winning partnership in today's web world.  

Which is terrific news for anyone with a story to tell in today’s digital marketplace, don't you agree?