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FINTECH: Thought Leadership Field Guide

FINTECH:  Thought Leadership Field Guide

Blockchain is much more than a swift mention in the rush to the next ICO or utility token. Blockchain is the digital backbone of an enterprise, and is poised to transform operational efficiency, transparency and security. But how to talk about it so it makes sense outside of the digital operati? This blog discusses the strategic road map to thought leadership in the critical sector of blockchain.

A Case Study Look at FinTech Success

IBM/Palisades Technology Partners:  From Unknown to Acquisition

Sometimes people don't "connect the dots" between the value of media coverage (frequently called "earned media" in this digital/paid content age) beyond the WOW! factor of being covered by the press. 

The attached case study, detailing our team's early strategies in helping our FinTech, SaaS (software as a service) mortgage servicing client earn success, is a helpful, textbook look, at how public relations drives success.

The quick take-away?  Using a combo-punch of feature news coverage, key placements of top execs in speaking engagements, industry analyst briefings and in-depth articles and white papers, our client emerged from it's "best kept secret in the industry" shell and straight into the spotlight of a Fortune 500 company.   The upshot?  Acquisition, and a vibrant new entry into the mortgage technology space.

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