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Alumni and founder Pam Abrahamsson Honored

Alumni and founder Pam Abrahamsson Honored

Shout out to Pam Abrahamsson, our founder, director and alumni, for being honored as a "Wonder Woman" for her work in financial services, technology and communications.  You can read the full story here from Broker Innovation Lab's Susan Combs:

Top Tech PR: Agency Musings

The Three Stage Public Relations Messaging Strategy

Have you synched your messaging strategy to your growth cycle?

First:  A Little Secret from Inside the Tech PR Agency World

I'm  going to let you in on a little secret; if all the top tech pr agencies in the world were to  get together for a three minutes with a mission of agreeing on ONE thing, it could be done.   There is one conversation point everyone would be in complete alignment on:

A Case Study Look at FinTech Success

IBM/Palisades Technology Partners:  From Unknown to Acquisition

Sometimes people don't "connect the dots" between the value of media coverage (frequently called "earned media" in this digital/paid content age) beyond the WOW! factor of being covered by the press. 

The attached case study, detailing our team's early strategies in helping our FinTech, SaaS (software as a service) mortgage servicing client earn success, is a helpful, textbook look, at how public relations drives success.

The quick take-away?  Using a combo-punch of feature news coverage, key placements of top execs in speaking engagements, industry analyst briefings and in-depth articles and white papers, our client emerged from it's "best kept secret in the industry" shell and straight into the spotlight of a Fortune 500 company.   The upshot?  Acquisition, and a vibrant new entry into the mortgage technology space.

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