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Values & Aspirations Revealed in Social Community

A Brand captures Hopefulness, Values

A campaign our team is working on has gotten me thinking about, well, values.  Specifically, whether our 24-hour media cycles, and always-on social media, accurately captures a core of values that I suspect we as a society possess.  While we're still in the early stages,  I'm delighted to report this project is revealing that both journalism and optimism are alive and well in our digital society. 

The Nuts & Bolts 

The campaign, sponsored by Western Union as part of an American Dream sweepstakes, wanted to know if people still believe in the American Dream.  So, they sent a photojournalism team more than 13,000 miles across the U.S., asking a number of people that very question.  The videotaped responses reflect hope, hard work, concern and optimism in equal measure.  But above all, the filmed piece captures the clear answer of "yes."

We invited the amazing Andre Bourque of the Huffington Post to preview this video.  He took a look, and ended up with a story that was both light-hearted and focused on the aspirational nature of community.  Within less than 24 hours, the sharing had begun, delivering a 1:228 engagement ratio from a publication that is itself read by over 33 million people around the world.  The shares and likes were uniformly positive, and even outpaced early reviews of the video, which revealed that over 79% of the respondents saw the film in an upbeat light.

The take-away?  There is a strong current of values and positive outlook that run through our community.  Digital and social media can and does capture this sentiment, and there is so, so much more to all of us than clicks and shares of the latest celebrity selfie.

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