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Top Tech PR: Agency Musings

The Three Stage Public Relations Messaging Strategy

Have you synched your messaging strategy to your growth cycle?

First:  A Little Secret from Inside the Tech PR Agency World

I'm  going to let you in on a little secret; if all the top tech pr agencies in the world were to  get together for a three minutes with a mission of agreeing on ONE thing, it could be done.   There is one conversation point everyone would be in complete alignment on:

News & Media: The Power of the Critical Eye & Mind

As professional communicators, we can not stress the importance of applying a critical eye, and mind, to all news and opinions you read across digital and soc...ial channels.

This Washington Post article drives home the sophistication of people disseminating false news and social shares for their own agenda.

This piece from the Washington Post delivers a concise look at fake news, why it's being done, and the mult-faceted geopolitical and economic forces driving the proliferation of this phenomenon. 

Team Work Creates Great PR

Why Thoughtful Experts Rule the Media World

We'll be honest.  We can't help but beam with pride when one of our clients or partners lands amazing media coverage thanks to our team work.  But the emphasis here is on team work.

After all, we do the work of reaching out to the journalist, with a well-researched suggestion for a story or feature idea.  But, our clients and partners come to table with their sleeves rolled up, too.  They bring thoughtful insight, a wealth of experience in their industry, a commitment to education for their clients, and the willingness to work hard.

This is a great case in point for our latest "win," a full length, contributed article in Entrepreneur magazine, authored by the amazing Maria Dykstra of Tredigital.

While we secured the media opportunity, it was her willingness to share her expertise with startups and founders, and to bring valuable insight to the table, that made the publication "win" a success.  Great news and valuable insight is always welcomed in the world of earned media (and among journalists), but marketing and self-promotion are not.  Which is precisely why her article saw the light of publication day, and so many others do not.

Here's the story for you to enjoy - and, we suggest you take notes.  There's a lot to learn there for the current and would-be entrepreneurs of the world.


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