Woman of Year Nominee: Women in Insurance & Financial Services

If there is an exciting and rewarding moment to be had in the field of public relations; its when our communications skills helps others.

This was the case when our co-founder Pam Abrahamsson was nominated as woman of the year by a fellow member of Women in Insurance and Financial Services (www.WIFS.org); an organization focused on the growth and development of women in the FinServ field.

The nomination was for the public relations, marketing and communications coaching offered up through WIFS extraordinary mentoring program.  The experience was remarkable, as were all of the women in that program.

If there is a constant theme to be recognized here, it is that being of service is one of the most rewarding activities we can do as professionals, women, and simply fellow human beings.  The great thing about the field of communications and public relations is that it's not simply a vehicle for earning an "award winning" or nomination nod.  It's a valuable tool that can help any individual, cause or organization connect with their marketplace, supporters and colleagues.

This has been an honor, and the PRA Public Relations team is honored to have own of its own recognized for their public relations contributions - as a "Woman of the Year" finalist!