The 92 Percent Trust Metric: Journalism Stands Strong

The 92 Percent Trust Metric:  Journalism Stands Strong

A recent survey by the highly-respected research company Nielsen reveals confidence-inspiring findings for all of us who believe in the power of the fourth estate: A 2018 Nielsen Survey notes that journalism is trusted by 92% of consumers, ranking above independent consumer reviews.

Media Revenue Models: Will Tote Bags Rescue the Fourth Estate?

Are tote bags and other giveaways the new non rigueur in the world of media?

BuzzFeed recently launched a subscription campaign for readers, and supporters who forked over a year’s worth of fees at $100 a pop were rewarded with a tote bag. The question remains, is this a bold jump into a new revenue model - or yet another incursion against the struggling fourth estate?

FINTECH: Thought Leadership Field Guide

FINTECH:  Thought Leadership Field Guide

Blockchain is much more than a swift mention in the rush to the next ICO or utility token. Blockchain is the digital backbone of an enterprise, and is poised to transform operational efficiency, transparency and security. But how to talk about it so it makes sense outside of the digital operati? This blog discusses the strategic road map to thought leadership in the critical sector of blockchain.