Showing Up as Human

Showing Up as Human


Sharing thoughts on connection, with a nod and apologies to Bob Seger.

Have you ever tried to connect with your customer, and felt like you missed the mark? Or, you’re a client, and you’re just not being heard. The invisible barrier is up and operational, and boy, is it real.

We’ve all been there, right? Both on the issuing and receiving end, when we weren’t sure if it was an actual human or a technological marvel we were dealing with. Yes, bots can be interactive and efficient, but the limitations are emphatically there. Connecting through communications may have changed dramatically through technology, but the basic human principles of listening, authentic voice and yes, occasionally, a good laugh, still matter.

The 92 Percent Trust Metric: Journalism Stands Strong

The 92 Percent Trust Metric:  Journalism Stands Strong

A recent survey by the highly-respected research company Nielsen reveals confidence-inspiring findings for all of us who believe in the power of the fourth estate: A 2018 Nielsen Survey notes that journalism is trusted by 92% of consumers, ranking above independent consumer reviews.

Media Revenue Models: Will Tote Bags Rescue the Fourth Estate?

Are tote bags and other giveaways the new non rigueur in the world of media?

BuzzFeed recently launched a subscription campaign for readers, and supporters who forked over a year’s worth of fees at $100 a pop were rewarded with a tote bag. The question remains, is this a bold jump into a new revenue model - or yet another incursion against the struggling fourth estate?