fintech blockchain success case study pra public relations

From Fintech Funding to Blockchain Innovator 

For entrepreneurs, the concept of exit strategy is a flexible one. For financial technology leader Finova Financial, their quest to remake small loan lending into a cloud-based, accessible and fairer offering for financially-strapped consumers delivered three phases of success and growth.

Through our partnership, we told the story of this leader’s innovation and social impact through its three stages:

Stage I: successful early funding stage of $52 million dollars

Stage II: expansion, securing of $102.5million in debt and equity

stage iii: blockchain thought leadershIp via the institute for blockchain innovation

Launch of the JCO approach to ICO: The founders also tackled the reinvention of the ICO into a more democratic investment opportunity (via the Jumpstart Our Business Act), opening the door for non-certified investors to have greater access and understanding of Initial Coin Offering opportunities.

Through this trajectory, the mission of the PRA Public Relations team was to create a juggernaut of top-tier, strategic media coverage for each stage of growth - delivering credibility, telling the thought leadership story, and earning valuable SEO and digital exposure for the entrepreneurial journey. To help this enterprise scaled further, we brought the campaign to the door of a trusted social impact partner and digital marketing expert for larger team support and success.

From multiple placements in the Wall Street Journal, to Forbes coverage, Miami Herald spotlight, “firm of the year” leadership award wins and speaking engagement, the objective in each “win” was to secure education, awareness and leadership in this volatile field.

launch to leadership strategy

  • STEP I:    Thought Leadership Build

  • STEP II:    Credibility Leverage

  • STEP III:   Scale Success: Wins, Results, New Market, CEO Positioning


From 2016 through Spring 2018, the program secured placements in Wall St Journal, Forbes, ABC, Next Billion, SFBusiness News,, Fintech Weekly, GeekTime, Venture Beat and more.

Result links can be viewed Here and Here.
Estimated feature impression exposure 329,538,600.
The targeted series of media wins, news announcements and thought leadership article placements helped deliver:

 -Five Award Nominations
-Three Speaking Proposals

This exposure helped drive their success in achieving:

-Entry into Seven New State Markets 

-Partnership Offers

–Next Funding Rounds

Fintech block chain innovation case study pra public relations