PRA Public Relations Earns Top PR Firm Honors

The beauty of public relations, we tell our clients, is this:

The power and credibility of ONE third-person endorsement will do more for your company than a million self-administered pats on the back.

That is why we are proud, pleased and delighted to be recognized as a top public relations agency here in the Pacific Northwest.


National curator of best-in-business enterprises has just released their list of top Portland public relations firms, and we are thrilled to have made the list.

The criteria was formidable:

  • 153 public relations agencies vetted
  • 99 curated and reviewed
  • 19 selected as Top Public Relations Firms
  • 25-point review system, including evaluation for:
    • Reputation
    • Credibility
    • Experience
    • Availability
    • Professionalism

Having an independent organization such as give us kudos for the work we turn out as a matter of craft and pride feels pretty darned wonderful.  We are grateful, and looking forward to continuing to create award-winning media results for our clients.