The 92 Percent Trust Metric: Journalism Stands Strong


A recent survey by the highly-respected research company Nielsen reveals confidence-inspiring findings for all of us who believe in the power of the fourth estate: A 2018 Nielsen Survey notes that journalism is trusted by 92% of consumers, ranking above independent consumer reviews.

Even in these changing times, the power and relevancy of journalism continues to retain the same level of credibility and trust of the readers.

Which is why earning media coverage of your expertise as a credible thought leader is even more vital than ever to the growth and success of your brand. No other channel in this crowded digital age enjoys the credibility and trust as the media coverage delivered by journalists. PS: this is not to say you should abandon your digital marketing strategies; the power of control, consistency and creative license in digital communications is very valuable, indeed.

While this 92% metric underscores just how valuable thought leadership is in delivering consistent marketplace visibility that is lasting and impactful, this discipline delivers a host of other benefits as well.

Effective Thought Leadership Strategies Can Deliver:

Trusted Market Awareness: Readers place credibility in the fourth estate; by extension, contributors adhering to the highest standards of journalism will benefit from this trust as well.

SEO Results: Search engines love, and rank high-value independent media coverage. In addition, the links from these articles serve as express highways to your website, social channels and brand relevancy.

Long-Lasting Visibility: Earned media coverage and influencer results don’t end when your budget does. High value coverage remains visible on the web for years, working 24/7 for your brand visibility.

Social & Digital Fuel: Thought leadership coverage is a critical part of your conversion funnel; it drives web traffic, social sharing and encourages visitors to interact. Social practitioners also have access to valuable, high-credibility content to share across blogs, social channels, email and more.

Algorithm and Platform Policy Change-Resistant: We’ve all seen what happens when Google or Facebook launches an algorithm change, or new policy. Leading media fare much better in these changes than websites, company pages and posts.

Shhh. You’ll Save Money: In the public relations profession, the focus is on results and outcomes, not the dollars saved in advertising equivalency (by referencing equivalency, we are comparing media exposure to the cost of equivalent digital space or air time). Of course this doesn’t factor in the credibility of the journalism itself, but it provides a rough metric often referred to in earlier industry days, and is a welcome, if secondary, benefit of the credibility, visibility and impact of thought leadership journalism.

Now, more than ever, the value of sharing expertise, insight, an original point of view or new research in the world of earned media is more important, and trusted, than ever. And, I might add, the confidence of the consumer in journalism and the earned media industry is not to be taken lightly. It is a responsibility to earn this continued trust through quality, accurate content.