Alumni and founder Pam Abrahamsson Honored

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Shout out to Pam Abrahamsson, our founder, director and alumni, for being honored as a "Wonder Woman" for her work in financial services, technology and communications!  You can read the full story here from Broker Innovation Lab's Susan Combs:

Happy Holidays!  Man, this year went by quick!  We are in the home stretch of open enrollment in our office and we are definitely looking forward to a break, as we have been very busy!  It has been so much fun to meet so many wonderful women in our industry this year from around the country and feel inspired by their stories.  I’m very happy to share the news of Erika, Grace and Pam as we round out the year, and the remarkable things they have been doing in 2017.  Have fun getting to know these exceptional women. I know I did! 

C. Erika Cockrum, M.S., Highpoint Insurance Group, LLC

“I’m excited to report that over this past year, the team that I am the Sales Lead on has increased our revenue by over 20 percent by focusing on our “why.”  We have looked at why we do what we do and have strived to become intentional when working with new prospective clients and not settling for the status quo.  I have also begun the CEBS certification process, as I feel that it is important to always learn and become better for my clients.  Personally, I have been volunteering in activities that my daughter participates in, which include volleyball and gymnastics. And, as much as I hate running, I have run four 5K races this past year!”  

Grace Staten, FSCP, MassMutual

“I work for two MassMutual agencies in San Diego and Jacksonville as their Marketing Directors, so I am truly bicoastal. It has been a lot of fun sharing with one agency what the other is doing well, all while building up both agencies with awards and community involvement.  This has enhanced both productivity and creativity for each.  I established the San Diego WIFS Chapter and it got me noticed in San Diego!  I was a finalist for San Diego Magazine's Rising Leader Award and a finalist for San Diego Business Journal's Woman of the Year.  The most recent award was from the Accounting and Financial Women's Alliance, where I was selected as their Industry Professional of the year.” 

Pam Abrahamsson, PRA Public Relations

“This past year has been one of extreme gratitude!  Not only did I have the privilege to serve as a mentor in the WIFS national mentoring program, my “mentee” was awesomely kind enough to nominate me for the women of the year award!  On top of that, our firm was noted as a Top 19 PR agency for credibility, and most exciting of all, I was invited to join an amazing social impact enterprise network called “Share on Purpose,” dedicated to driving personal success and business growth for entrepreneurs and individuals alike.  I am serving as their senior PR resource, and I get to help individuals and companies share their stories of growth and success.” 

As always, if you know of great women in the industry who are working hard to make this this industry great, send me an email introduction at I’d love to connect!  Good luck with the final push of year end!  Hope you all finish on a high note and can share your good news with me soon!  Also,  If you are taking a look at conferences for 2018, I’d encourage you to check out the BenefitsPRO Broker Expo in sunny San Diego in April. I’ll be speaking too and I’d love to meet some great women (and men!).

Woman of Year Nominee: Women in Insurance & Financial Services

WIFSCONF17 Woman of Year Nominee Pam Abrahamsson

If there is an exciting and rewarding moment to be had in the field of public relations; its when our communications skills helps others.

This was the case when our co-founder Pam Abrahamsson was nominated as woman of the year by a fellow member of Women in Insurance and Financial Services (; an organization focused on the growth and development of women in the FinServ field.

The nomination was for the public relations, marketing and communications coaching offered up through WIFS extraordinary mentoring program.  The experience was remarkable, as were all of the women in that program.

If there is a constant theme to be recognized here, it is that being of service is one of the most rewarding activities we can do as professionals, women, and simply fellow human beings.  The great thing about the field of communications and public relations is that it's not simply a vehicle for earning an "award winning" or nomination nod.  It's a valuable tool that can help any individual, cause or organization connect with their marketplace, supporters and colleagues.

This has been an honor, and the PRA Public Relations team is honored to have own of its own recognized for their public relations contributions - as a "Woman of the Year" finalist!

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