Here at PRA Public Relations, we feel that our program pricing should be as easy-to-understand as our service and performance.  

And while we will always create a custom program, with clearly-defined performance metrics, for our clients, we’d like to offer more.  We’d like to offer peace of mind.  Our performance promise guarantee below lets you know you'll get results, not simply billed hours, when you work with us.


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Authority Magazine | Medium Buzzfeed | Forbes | Yahoo | Fast Company + More


This is an exciting addition to our thought leadership practice, but executives and entrepreneurs must be evaluated and accepted. It is critical for accepted program participants to have expertise or original viewpoint, and can commit to at least seven-ten hours per month to work with our expert editor to develop voice, topic and content.

This program works to secure an expert author byline for the selected client, earning one-two article placement per month in a top-rated publication such as Authority Magazine, the Medium digital platform and, if social reach warrants, Buzzfeed, Forbes, Fast Company or other top outlets.

Our team works with you to identify topics, research supporting material for your expertise or original point of view, draft content for your editing, then work with outlet editors for digital placement and publication. Depending on the editor or outlet, you may also be paired with celebrities, venture capitalists or other leaders for you to conduct an author interview in partnership with our expert content provider.

Cost: $5,000 per month

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A 90-day program, the Quick Start is designed to get strategy and results moving quickly, while ramping your up for a significant jump in media coverage and thought leadership.  Best for market conditions requiring fast growth, significant change in market environment, market launch or re-positioning. Service elements include:

  • Industry/competitor media audit

  • Custom-written PR strategy plan with action calendar, media

  • Trade analyst & key influencer outreach

  • Spokesperson media training

  • Speakers program: calendar of target events, proposal submissions, presentation abstract

  • Five media interviews

  • Six contributed article placements in key industry publications

Cost:  $7,000 per month

pra public relations program success pricing


A partnered, ongoing approach designed to build ongoing, growing success.  Our team custom-designs strategy, defined success metrics and results with the right mix of services, including but not limited to:

  • Industry/competitor media audits

  • Custom-written PR strategy plan with action calendar

  • Media, trade analyst & key influencer research

  • Media training

  • Ongoing media relations outreach

  • Minimum of seven media interviews and/or contributed articles

  • Social media build & maintenance: three social channels

  • Results: customized to your priorities, with a mix of media interviews, social media traction and more

Cost:  $5,000 - $8,000 per month

Competitor Insight package:  Industry trend/competitor voice media audit

A revealing and powerful look into the trends, topics and coverage created by the media within the client's industry, and the competitors targeted.  Our audits deliver six to twelve-month, 360 degree review of all relevant media coverage, with analytics and supporting graphics revealing trending media coverage topics within the selected industry, plus insight into how top competitors are treated in key press.  The audit additionally reveals tonality of media coverage, how positively and negatively the media is treating clients and competitors, and emerging issues impacting the market community.

The audit provides a comprehensive look at how the market's most powerful voice, the media, views our client, it's industry and competitors.

Cost:  $500 - $1,500

Fees vary according to number of competitors, volume of published data and research timeline.


A results-focused, no-nonsense approach, perfect for growing entrepreneurs and enterprises strongly focused on securing SEO and industry-building media coverage.

This program delivers strategic media pitching to your industry key targets, with a goal of earning you at least one media opportunity a month, while helping to strategically build your social media community.

It's a no-frills, market-growth approach, and the perfect launch pad to get results on a budget, while seeing if market-boosting PR is right for your company.

Cost:  $2,500 - 3,500


Media release packages:  400-word releases strategized, written, SEO, distributed via key domestic newswires (Businesswire, PRNewswire, PRWeb), with results report.  Global distribution custom-quoted.

Cost:  $2,500

pra public relations program pricing

pricing overview

budget rule of thumb:

Retainers for writing or media outreach begin at around $2,000 per month.  Full-service programs beginning at $5,000.   Short-term project support is also available, and our team can work with you on an hourly basis, at $175 per hour.


Our team of communications professionals will deliver peace of mind with our commitment to always stand behind these service promises for our clients:


You’ll never have a surprise billing from us, your costs are approved in advance*, and any additional services will be approved, or you won’t pay for them.


You’ll never invest in a program and have nothing to show for it.  We don’t guarantee a slot on Stephen Colbert’s Tonight Show, but we will continue working until you see results for your fees.


Our team members, partners and associates have extensive, proven experience.  Your program will never be handed off to a junior executive or intern.

We're happy to answer questions, or prepare a no-obligation program quote for you. 

Let's connect and talk!